Friday, August 11, 2006

Sending “Aloha” To Terrorists Is Not Going To Deter Them

Fortunately, the Hawaii State Legislature is not in charge of the national defense -- but that doesn’t seem to faze them from passing resolutions sending “Aloha” to Saddam -- as though that is going to solve world crises and create world peace, by wishful thinking.

The media and Hawaii Democrats like to engage in selective remembering in pointing out that we should not have invaded Iraq because no weapons of mass destruction were found (which is not true), without remembering the historical context -- that Saddam was "threatening" to unleash his weapons of mass destruction on the rest of the world, and so even the United Nations (UN) passed several demands that Iraq open itself for inspections -- which Saddam refused to comply with, thereby inviting anybody to do “something” about it.

Once the Americans and coalition forces invaded, it was too late for “One more chance -- I promise to behave this time.” It was the end of the Saddam story and time for a new chapter and new leash on life in Iraq.” This time, President Bush vowed American troops would not be withdrawn prematurely as in the First Gulf War, after which Saddam ruthlessly exterminated masses of his countrymen whose loyalty to him was questioned and blamed for his defeat.

The murder and torture of people by Saddam were legend all over the world, and Saddam bragged that nobody and nothing could stop him -- as mad tyrants and terrorists are wont to do.

I was a “Conscientious Objector” during the Vietnam War myself, influenced by the Taoistic teachings of my father, but several years after, when I was high on the list for a job as police officer, they anguished whether one who was a “conscientious objector” could act properly in a life-threatening situation -- to which I responded, “If a life is to be taken, one should be clear, that the perpetrator must be the one that suffers the loss and not the innocent victim.” It was not a problem to me -- and why often in these Kung Fu movies, the master who is vowed to peace, has no problem dealing with it -- as many guilt-ridden, self-loathing "liberals" do.

It is because they are clear in this understanding -- and not muddled in their thinking that the mass murderers of the world have as much right to “do their thing,” as anybody else. We need to have people rich in experience to see through the manipulations of words -- that is the challenge of governance in these times.