Tuesday, August 01, 2006

“How Can I Help?”

The response from the walking/talking tour has been overwhelming. I aim for 20-40 new votes daily. Not just wishful thinking votes but those who say, “Don’t need to bother coming around anymore, we’re good.“

Kapahulu is a neighborhood particularly suited to targeted communications -- rather than mass communications. That is so because the community is stable rather than mobile and transient. Everybody does know everybody or somebody -- and so finding that common bond is the key.

Five-ten superficial contacts do not seal the deal. You need one solid contact -- and not twenty swings and misses. That manner of thinking is an indication that one is not making solid contact.

And while it is nice to have everyone’s vote, there are those I’d rather my opponent have -- because they are a barometer of what I don’t want to represent, which is that acrimony, bitterness and resentment against all their neighbors one finds in every community and society. They are toxic people who no matter what you do for them, is never enough. And the intelligent response is to recognize those people and realize their sole purpose in life is to undermine my, and everybody else’s confidence and well-being.

They’re a pretty insidious lot; initially, they seem to be the nicest, most pleasant people -- actually demanding you believe that is true of them, and once they have that confidence -- they launch into an attack of everyone in government, everyone in the neighborhood, and then everybody in their own household.

Those votes you don’t want -- because everybody else will be voting against them. You want the votes of those who are the positive leaders among their own sphere of influence.

Most of the advice I’ve heard, has been from those telling me how to do an effective mass marketing outreach -- rather than a more highly targeted one -- of the right people, at the right place, at the right time, using the right communications strategies/technologies. There really is nothing more helpful in any campaign than simply giving me your vote -- and getting one other person to vote for me -- to those who have inquired, “How can I help?”

Everything else is less relevant -- and many are endless distractions from one’s real purpose.

In this election, we Republicans have the luxury of the Governor’s good will and highly professional campaign. I wouldn’t be trying to reinvent the wheel by duplicating it -- and even trying to match it. Nobody will, and it is folly to do so.

Every individual has to find their own strengths -- and know their weaknesses. An obvious strength for everyone is the Governor’s matching votes; you don’t want to be working those same votes but focusing on the ones one is uniquely capable of attaining.

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