Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Will Be George W. Bush's Legacy?

The Man changed the course of history.

Prior to his presidency, the world watched helplessly and powerlessly as the Talibans (terrorists) did whatever they pleased. It would have been a disaster if Al Gore had been president after the 9/11/01 attacks -- as we’d still be in bomb shelters convening town meetings trying to reach a consensus on the “politically correct” response. We were not used to presidents anymore who would take decisive action; Clinton, despite his extensive rewriting of history, only hoped the terrorists would stop resorting to violence, and so the terrorists all over the world were increasingly emboldened.

Anybody who’s dealt with criminals and terrorist (and they’ll tell you themselves), know that the only thing they respect and listen to is a firm hand and response, because if we allow them to establish the rules (because of our own uncertainty and insecurities), they will take it to the limits because their rules are to do anything they can get away with.

They are not builders of civilizations but destroyers of them.

So while there is some dissatisfaction with everything the President did, only he could have had the response he did in turning the world around. Nobody else would even have even imagined such a bold and forceful response -- that probably saved the usual millions of lives that would have been lost otherwise. So while a few people are still dying, as they will even under the safest of conditions, they’re no longer dying in the hundreds of millions as happened in the last century because no leader took it personally upon himself to see that it didn’t happen -- as President George W. Bush has.

The fact that not everyone appreciates that is of no consequence because this is a leader who is not dependent on the good opinion of those anti-war protestors willing to stand by in” good conscience” while innocent people are slaughtered while the guilty go unrestrained -- because they can no longer make any kinds of valid “discriminations” anymore.

Fortunately, we had one, in the right place, at the right time. That makes all the difference in the world -- whether people can appreciate it or not.

But that's why they're alive to complain about it.