Monday, August 27, 2007

It’s Possible to Already Know the Future

Because of the abundance of information, one’s awareness is determined by what inputs they have of the world -- nobody having it all, or capable of processing it all. Therefore, what is critical, are the filters one uses to determine what information they become aware of -- unlike in the previous mass media age of having that determined for one by the advertiser and other special interests, including the media personalities themselves, many who became inclined to say anything that got them attention, no matter how outrageous, egregious and uninformed.

A lot of them just didn’t know how to filter the credible from the absurd, and often that function was the province of someone else entirely -- in that fragmented, overspecialized world in which rare were the individuals who actually followed an idea from its inception to its ultimate fruition, often many years later -- unless that was their own life’s passion and interest.

And many growing up in the modern world don’t have such dedicated interests but are instead distracted by anything that is “new” or the news of the day -- which often than not, became useless and obsolete (newspapers) the next day. In old (traditional) societies, values and perceptions don’t change in a lifetime -- and so in order to perpetuate such cultures and personalities, people have to deny reality as their basic response to most of life and information.

This fixed denial of reality is the most distinguishing aspect of “aging,” which is a decision not to continue to grow -- but to remain fixed in a certain time and age, despite the realities of the present moment. For such individuals, the past and the future has morbid greater importance than the reality of the present moment, which they deny exist. They will continue to insist that it is the past or the future that is paramount -- and think that the present moment, which is the only reality, must be suordinated to a imaginary past or future.

Such deluded (dysfunctional) people will insist on solving every problem in the past, or every problem in the future, while giving no attention to the challenge of the present -- which is the summation of all of the past, and the seed of every future. That is the ONLY reality -- and the filter one would use in determining whether any discussion is productive, counterproductive or merely a distraction -- from the opportunity of every present moment.

What one knows as ”everything that can be known,” is a function of when they stopped learning -- or how old and accurate the information they have is. Most presume that what they know is the truth -- without questioning how they arrived at that conclusion. For most, it is that somebody they think knows, said so, and not because it can be independently verified to be so.

That is the scientific method and not because somebody famous said so. This is confused in the age of the mass media and advertising -- so that the truth becomes whomever has the most motivation to persist in convincing others of that truth. Oftentimes, providing that truth opens one up to the scorn and abuse of those who profit from the status quo arrangement -- which is a steady stream of customers at their exclusive mercy.