Friday, November 10, 2006

How Change Happens (Leadership)

Many people think that in order to have change, we all vote on a new idea, and if it wins, everybody changes -- instantly, overnight, by government fiat and edict -- which is really no change at all but merely calling the same old things by new names.

Because fundamental and critical to change is a wholly new understanding of everything -- which at first, only a few are open to and will embrace, while most, are conditioned to regard anything new and different, as wrong -- because it violates their previous understanding of everything, which they think is right and true for all time. So in that worldview, change is not possible -- consciously, willingly, voluntarily -- but can only be thrust upon them, forced upon them by government fiat and edict, and other such coercions, deceptions, manipulations -- or a cataclysmic event.

So those expecting change in that manner, quickly become disillusioned that instantly, all at once, the world is not changed, even though many people have promised would happen, if everyone simply believed in it enough -- and did whatever they were told to do.

But real change is a lot less decisive -- because it evolves over many years of living, experiencing and experimenting -- and not just voting on whether new ideas are acceptable or not.

The value of a democracy is not that the majority is always right -- or even mostly right, but that it allows a deviation from the norm -- which political correctness or any demand for consensus and conformity does not, no matter what they call themselves -- and usually, it is a “liberal, progressive, open-minded” person, which doesn’t necessarily make it so. That is simply what they would like to believe about themselves -- or at least have others believe about them, rather than being the “nasty, petty, narrow-minded” people they in fact are.

Some may even run public service announcements proclaiming that fact -- that they are the most “honest, caring, compassionate” person in their community.

My experience has been that the statistically significant number is 5%. That 5% and where it is going -- is the ultimate direction of society and developments. That is the most important 5% to recognize -- as the significant deviation from the norm. That’s where we’ll all be twenty years from now -- often beginning with just the one. That one, of course, is the biggest difference in the world of change.

A hundred times one, is one hundred -- but a hundred times zero, is still zero. So the biggest difference, is being The One -- which means being able to stand and act alone, creating a model for the many who will follow. But it doesn’t happen overnight, or in one term, or any other expected length of time and path.

It is the quantum leap that occurs after many predictable orbits on the same path. Then all at once, everything is changed, and we are on a new path.

It usually doesn’t happen in the expected time frame, according to the best laid plans, but are the ever increasing individual conscious decisions -- that create a culture and environment of higher consciousness. That is the only way it happens.


At November 10, 2006 1:05 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Leadership is not contingent on holding any office -- but is simply taking the initiative to lead, by example. That's what leadership is, and not just an office in which one can do less than anybody else and be The Boss.

That is a follower's idea of what leadership is -- getting to the top so one can do as little as possible while getting paid as much as possible.

I was very careful not to promise that I would only do things if I was elected -- because leaders do them regardless of whether they are elected or even recognized to do so.

Leadership should not require approval or permission -- to lead. That is a huge problem in Hawaii -- where power becomes more centralized and consolidated in a few, and taken away from everybody else.

In schools, we knew them as cliques, and then as adults, as parties and unions, labels of the left and right, conservatives and liberals, fragmenting the wholeness of life, which is the only function of society and government -- to create the comprehension of the totality, and not just to see who gets to be "boss."

At November 11, 2006 10:51 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Understanding Conditioning (repeat) FOCUS Channel 49,

11/14/2006 7:00:00 PM A revolutionary new way of looking at exercise. Environmental/Health

My landmark video on Exercise and Conditioning -- formulated in the era of "No Pain, No Gain" advocacy as the conventional wisdom on exercise at the time.

I offered the alternative that it was wiser to design the exercise to fit the person rather than stubbornly insisting that the person fit the exercise -- as the conditioning paradigm of the times.

In order to achieve that, a better understanding of the process needs to be examined and discussed -- rather than simply affirming the beleif that progress is achieved through the miracle of brute force.


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