Thursday, November 02, 2006

Changing Hawaii

The collapse of the mainstream media in Hawaii, as well as nationally, on the eve of this year’s elections, is a healthy sign that society is ready to take a leap forward -- into uncharted territory, rather than being limited by only the traditions of the past.

Those with a vested interested in the way things are, will obviously be defenders of the status quo -- hoping to keep things as they are for as long as it is profitable for themselves. The unions rode to strength on the message that individuals were nothing and powerless, and only the collective (conformity) had power.

But that manner of thinking disempowers individuals -- and the step beyond, is the empowering of individuals, and not simply group identities and blind loyalties, the self-designated leaders like to exploit. That’s why a lot of the personal attacks usually the staple of the mainstream media around election time, are failing to wield the power and effectiveness they have in the past, causing a mass hysteria that all union workers will lose their jobs if a certain person or party wins, etc.

When people are allowed and actually seek many sources of information, they just naturally become better consumers of “information,” and more readily recognize when and how they are being manipulated to think what the demagogues want them to think.

Most of these changes take place without people being consciously aware of them -- as a program for social change -- as in a Great Leap Forward or Five-Year Plan.

Unlike the old days, most of one’s learning takes place after one graduates from school -- and so the proper function of education is to prepare one for that independence, and not make them more and perpetually dependent on the education system to learn anything and everything. That was the old model -- controlled by the self-serving “education professionals,” who demanded that one seek only “certified” instructors before attempting the perilous task of learning anything new, or further.

Furthermore, only these duly certified instructors would ensure that the education one got, was politically and certifiably “correct” -- which invariably was, that learning could only be done under the supervision of professionally and duly certified “teachers.”

That manner of control and exploitation has already passed into the history books except in the few isolated places on earth like Hawaii where the mainstream media, schools and universities still insist that they are the only sources of truth, information and communications -- and one should distrust and reject all others, and especially one’s own confidence in thinking for oneself.

That is what your local Demagogic Party captains are for -- to enforce the party line, maintain the discipline, teach one the “approved” chants and messages. It’s good to see the changes.


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