Monday, September 11, 2006

Are We Safer (Better Off) Now Than We Were Five Years Ago?

Despite the constant fear-mongering by the media/Democrats that this country is no safer than before 9/11/01, the undeniable, remarkable fact of the matter, is that there has been no further attacks on United States soil in five years -- when it was promised to be imminent and unrelenting. Anybody working with the criminal and psychopathic, realizes that only a firm response and resolve, will deter further abuses and attacks. If the liberal/Democrat/media wish to disavow any credit in that outcome so far, they can opt out -- as they have been, they say now, all along.

I think the current ABC showing of “The Path to 9/11,” shows that appeasement, denial, overlooking increasing abuses, only encourages them -- to an ultimate final result --whereupon those with the proper firm response and resolve, have to step in and put an end to such encouragements and denials of reality.

Terrorists don’t have equal rights to “express” their rage and hatred -- as much as the innocent and peace-loving have a right to live. That’s one of the occupational hazards of working in the mass media industry of constant exposure to propaganda, manipulation, and deception. They become numb to real sensitivities and sensibilities -- which are apparent in their editorials and selections of submissions for publication.
They mouth the words they think will invoke credibility -- but nothing is heartfelt and genuine anymore. That tells us all we need to know.

Information and communication has evolved to a permanently higher level -- in which seeing beyond the words is most of the message -- and not simply diagramming the sentence for the necessary components.

That evolution occurred because of the exposure to a much greater range of communications -- as the Internet made possible. Everything is no longer Associated Press or the academic style -- written for a few, to translate to a few more, etc. , undoubtedly providing job opportunities and security for those intermediaries who performed that function.

What the new information technologies made possible, was the direct contact of original source to ultimate audience -- without the interference of the (inter)media(ry), which the experience of 9/11, speeded up. Under dire urgencies, there is no luxury of waiting for a self-chosen few to determine the “correct” response for everyone -- the role the media and academicians had grown used to filling. In the case of the academics, they became virtually useless, if not counterproductive in saying nothing -- but taking an eternity to arrive at that conclusion. Even the media abandoned them as a source of primary responses and analysis.

Meanwhile, the Internet forums revealed that there were very perceptive people ordinarily not heard from (often suppressed) with an extraordinarily high degree of insight as well as remarkable clarity and simplicity of expression -- that were now beginning to lead the course of communications and information.

That is a large part of what has made us safer -- producing a quantum leap in communications and information capabilities, whether we choose to fully use/acknowledge them or not.