Sunday, February 16, 2020

Seeing the Obvious

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to recognize when someone is in obviously declining health -- as well as recognize the exceptional few who are becoming more robust and vital.  One can see it in their posture, body language, expression and articulation of the most visible parts of their body -- which is the head (face and neck), hands and feet.

That deterioration is often mistaken as the product of age -- rather than consequences of neglect and disrepair.  It doesn't take a cosmetologist to recognize that almost everyone can be dramatically transformed using care and products that optimize the appearance of those most highly visible areas -- but always beginning with a base foundation of health and inner dynamism.

Of course the present political correctness is that there is no difference between good health and bad, left and right, up and down, black or white, male or female -- and so it is futile to try to make any difference.  It is considered merely luck that some are rich, and some are poor, and nothing one can do will ever change that -- as though that manner of thinking was some kind of intellectual genius.

For the rest of us, we recognize that what we do influences our outcomes and experiences -- and not that we just want to be "right" -- despite all evidence to the contrary.  There is a reason things don't work as they think it ought to -- and that is because everything they know, and refuse to learn anything else, is just plain wrong -- no matter how much they believe they are right.

It is not age that tells -- but time -- doing either the right things, or doing the wrong things -- that differentiates.  It doesn't merely come out the same -- no matter what one does.  That is the hardest thing for most people to accept -- that the reasons things come out badly, is because they're badly mistaken -- and that is the consequence.  But it doesn't have to be that way -- the inevitable, no matter what one does -- or usually just gives up in that despair.

That happy outcome and result, may require one to change all they currently do and believe -- to achieve the better life.  In fact, that is the inescapable story of every successful human being -- that they had to completely reinvent their lives -- even dying completely to the old, in order to be reborn in an entirely unprecedented new world and life -- nobody could even have imagined before.

But it's not enough just to do it in one small and isolated aspect of life -- but to change wholly and totally, in every aspect of their being.  That is a profound change, and not simply one small modification -- while everything else remains largely unchanged -- which is really, no change at all.  And that is why most people fail to change -- because they demand that everything else, remain the same -- and that is not possible.  When there is real change, of course everything will change -- because that is the very nature of life and reality, and the story of evolution and change.

Thus those aspiring to wealth, are misguided in demanding that everybody else remain the same -- except for themselves.  Either everyone becomes richer, or nobody does -- the same as now.  So one can only hope that the tide raises all boats, or everybody remains stuck in the mud.  That's simply how the world works -- and nobody single-handedly, and unilaterally, gets all the good, and leaving the bad for everyone else less entitled.

So one needs to have this much larger picture of life, for anything to make greater sense -- and be inevitable.  It is not the struggle of the little to become the big, or the weak to become the strong, but for all to make a greater sense beyond the petty struggles of one against every other -- and each individual's ambition to overcome all the others -- by ruthless force.  That's been tried many times before -- and has not worked.

In the field of exercise, such a mentality is still being cultivated and enforced -- with no success of achieving health to the very end.  At best, a few delude themselves that they are still as they were 50 years ago -- and mistakenly believe that simply by doing the same things, they will get the same results -- which is obviously not true.  Yet few think to change -- radically, to solve the challenges of their present conditions.  They think it is enough simply to do what they did 50 years ago -- despite how much everything else has changed, including their own bodies.

And it is not that their bodies no longer work well -- but that they have not bothered to learn how it is working now, and program for those capabilities and enhancement.  The body still works -- but very differently now even if it worked before -- but the new possibility, is that it can work even better than before -- with a better understanding of it.  That would indicate that one was older and wiser -- and not simply thinking that forcing something that isn't working, or doesn't fit beyond its breaking point -- is the only thing possible.

Obviously when the heart is the only organ that seems to be working, the last thing any intelligent person would think to do is force it to work even harder -- rather than recognizing that the other organs, is what one wishes to engage and optimize.  Why would one think that the only well-functioning unit is the problem -- except of course, it is the easiest part to "fix" -- which is like looking for the lost keys where the light is best, rather than in the darkness where one dropped it?

That is the approach one needs to take with any problem-solving -- and work on the weakest link and critical failure -- rather than polishing the chrome on the space shuttle.  It is those who can best see these real needs, who discover the great inventions -- and not the many trying to reinvent the wheel.  And that is why most exercise does not work -- in preventing people from going into the hopeless decline they attribute to "aging" -- by which they mean, nothing can be done about it.  Yet they don't move on, and try to discover another way that specifically and directly addresses the notable failing at the head, hands and feet -- and merely try to strengthen and work the heart, as though that was its singular failing.

It is the articulation at the head, hands and feet, that are notably absent in those of poor health -- and not that the heart needs to work harder.  That is the failure to understand circulation properly -- which is the major effect of exercise -- that optimizes the functioning and development to anywhere that is directed.  That effect is best achieved not by making the heart work harder, but by the contraction of the muscles at the extremities  -- that pump (compress) blood back to the heart and organs of recycling and revitalization.  That is the fountain of youth resident in each body -- when understood in that way.

That is the key to ridding the body of the old -- and renewing itself.  Otherwise, the old cells and material just accumulate in the body -- eventually causing it to become overloaded with the old cells, and their toxins, destroying whatever remnants of responsiveness remains -- until it is overwhelmed with debris and dysfunction.  But that is not an inevitable process and development -- but the failure to see the big picture and significance of everything one is doing.

There's a reason why things happen -- even if we prefer not to see it.  In short, if you're not getting the results you want -- it's not because of age -- but you're doing all the wrong things -- and that won't get you there.  No way, no how, no time -- but doing all the right things, will.  It's always been that way -- no matter how many certificates testify to their credibility.  They simply have no idea what they are talking about -- and that is why what they are doing, doesn't work.  Age is just an excuse -- for doing all the wrong things with impunity -- no matter how much one wishes it were so.  That should be obvious -- and is manifested.  It is that lack of understanding things properly -- that manifests in time.  That is the reality of the situation.  Everything else works fine.

When there is a problem, denial is not a solution.