Monday, December 16, 2019

The Way of the World

Once upon a time, people and organizations thought it was enough just because they said so -- to make it so, and any who said otherwise, was not "certified" to do so by them -- who should remain the sole authorizing agent from God Himself -- or so they wanted everybody else to believe.  The biggest casualty of such a deception, was the media itself -- who claimed to know everything worth knowing.  My, how the mighty have fallen -- but in their stead, many shoots have arisen -- that provide far more accurate a picture of what is actually going on -- then the one often manipulated to seem so.

That is usually obvious in the many con-artists seeking to propagate their exclusive vision of the world -- with only themselves at the top.  But in this time and age, many more have access to the printing presses and broadcasts than the few who formerly owned them exclusively.  They may have even claimed that those rights were specifically guaranteed to them in the constitution of that civilization -- as a special class of citizens -- above all the rest.

So when the century began with the Internet available to all, it did not occur to them that the world had shifted beneath their feet -- and they were no longer exclusively in control of what the rest thought to be true.  That is a long way to fall.  But from the few that have fallen, many have sprouted and risen -- which is the relentless story of evolution and progress.  Things just don't keep repeating themselves endlessly -- but move on to ever higher levels of realization and revelation.  That's not to say that many will not rise to the defense of the status quo -- no matter how inappropriate and irrelevant they have lately become.

The old ways will not return -- no matter how insistent they are.  That is not the way of the world.  It moves on relentlessly towards the future -- sweeping everything in its way.  To try to simply restore and rebuild is folly -- waiting for the next disaster to hit, and celebrating their luck -- until one day it runs out.  One hopes to have moved on to higher ground -- before they are engulfed by the tides of change.  What can one say to those who live in such denial?

The greatest tides now, are the tides of information -- washing away what is no longer true.  Of course there are always those who pride themselves that everything they know, is knowledge that was believed to be true since the earliest of times -- even before recorded history, and so that makes it even more true.  There is no record, or evidence even, that such a thing was ever true -- though they believe proven a long time ago.  But lately, it explains and predicts nothing -- and as such, is useless information -- and not proof that one is the first to know anything worth knowing.

Information that only explains why everything is not working properly -- with no remedy for how they can go right, is not worth knowing -- and certainly should not be accepted as the gospel truth.  Far better, to know something that makes a difference -- in that knowing.  Unfortunately, much of what people know, and is reported, cannot be proven by independent observers -- but are embraced and propagated as though it was true, and proven -- when they are merely the sales pitch they can get anyone else to buy.  Frequently, they are successful, but more often than not, does not stand the test of independent corroboration.

It is enough just to have their "true believers" -- those who will believe no matter how much evidence and experience to the contrary.  They will just organize and shout it louder to bully everyone else into believing -- as well.  They believe that might makes right -- and that is all the proof they need.  To make anything fit, all one needs to do is apply unlimited more force -- even if it breaks completely.

So then, nothing works -- and they are quite justified in their belief that the world has ended, or is coming to its end -- when it is only so for those who refuse to change and adapt.  Instead, they demand that everything in the world change to accommodate their world view -- because no matter how compelling the evidence otherwise, they're not going to change.  They will also not long endure.  That is the way of the world.