Thursday, May 16, 2019

Life is What You've Done -- and What You Think You've Done

So if you have a fantasy, it should be a good one -- that lasts a lifetime.  Unfortunately, many have to discard theirs many times -- after learning something difficult, the hard way.  Hopefully, they learn to meet life halfway -- and the vision and the actuality, are in the same ballpark.  But it is better to have the two rather than just the one -- because that gives one perspective -- of each to the other.  The greatest mistake in life, is to see things only in one way -- unvaryingly, for the rest of one's life.  That makes one blind to all things.

But life is always changing -- if one allows it.  It takes its own course, and its own time.  The question is, if you get to see it.  Especially if it is a vision everyone else would like to see.  Invariably, that is a world without hopelessness -- as every savior would like to sell with their miracle product.  That's pretty much how we can tell them apart -- from the real people, actually doing good.

The sale might be selling the infomercial.  Whoever pays, dictates the terms -- and the content.  Unfortunately, commercial (professional) writers heed no higher law.  They'll write, whatever somebody pays them to write -- regardless of any other consideration.  That's what the rest of us are up against -- The Scribes, the mouthpiece for the Pharisees -- wise men have been warning us to be wary of for time immemorial.  They will always claim to be the pious, righteous, merciful, enlightened and just -- as their personal province.  "$99.99" is just their way of "giving back."  Mostly they are just confused with what they really want.

It used to be said that what was "good for General Motors" was good for America," as though they were one and the same, and now many individuals think that what is good for them, is good for the world -- and not just their own unique work they have to do. That larger cause is what keeps them keeping on.  But really, the largest perspective, is the realization that one is the entirety of the world -- in which one hopes to find their niche, and not merely the egomaniacal projections of a dysfunctional upbringing.

In such a worldview, it is believed that the world did not know it, until one personally "discovered" it.  There is no provision nor possibility for the unknown -- as greater than what one already knows.  Of course, that is the critical operating mistake in any discussion of the known -- and hopefully to be discovered.  In any inquiry, one only looks to confirm what they already know, as all that can be known -- which for many years, the institutions and old mass media dictated.  And they warned, there was nothing else beyond -- no coming back from falling off the edge (of the world).

As recently as the 20th century, learned scholars were proud to proclaim that all that could be known, was already discovered and known.  They had no idea that that was just the beginning -- and not the end of the world.  To have such a worldview, is always limiting -- never allowing for the possibility of any solutions to any persistent problem.  They use whatever knowledge they have, to defend the status quo -- that the problem as they see it, are inviolable rules of our existence -- and there is nothing beyond, no possibility of anything else -- only more or less, of the same.

That is the culture of poverty -- for lack of better ideas -- that become a consensus with repetition, and their conventional wisdom.  Life and effort is futile -- and makes no difference.  There are no "breakthrough" moments -- as distinguishes any life of merit.  Just more of the same -- and worse.  Life never gets better -- only worse.  Some call that normal aging -- even commencing immediately after high school.