Friday, September 11, 2015

Hotter Than Hell

Hawaii used to be fondly referred to as a "Third-World" country, but now seems to have created a category of its own -- for idiotic, moronic, arbitrary government.

Public safety officers should realize that "safety" is their overriding concern and rule, and not simply doing what somebody tells them to do no matter how stupid, or as the police like to boast, "We're not paid to think."

Camping, urinating, defecating on the sidewalks is quite okay -- unless they pass a law expressly prohibiting it in a specifically designated zone -- but riding from one bike lane to another because the city/state has no provision for connecting the two, will be strictly enforced.

Though the people still proclaim they live in "Paradise," when it's hotter than hell day after day, maybe the weather is telling them something.