Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looks Like Less Than Half to Me

Despite the mayor, the newspapers, the unions, and the Democratic Party proclaiming there was 80% approval for a rail system, the recent primary election revealed that the support was tenuous at best, and finally at the last minute before the filing deadline, Ann Kobayashi, figured out, there must be something to these 45,000 signatures wanting a referendum on this matter -- despite the overwhelming insistence from the mayor’s office, the newspapers, the unions, and the Democratic Party, that there was virtually no resistance.

Though he won’t be around to finish the job, much credit should go to Panos Prevedouros for taking up the challenge when nobody else would -- and in that way, he has already played a pivotal role in the turnaround of the people reclaiming government, their own destinies and lives, instead of accepting what the "authorities" told them was the truth.

It may seem to be a small victory -- but it could be huge for the few that fought that initial battle. That’s how revolutions begin -- and are won. At the time, everybody just plays their small part -- in the larger movement that awakens and takes on a life of its own.

The people of Hawaii have been asleep for too long -- and nobody wants to wake them up and spoil their own opportunities to exploit the situation, but they might have run out of options -- with the homeless now on the verge of claiming prime beachfront property because nobody is minding the store.

While nobody thinks that the disadvantaged should be mistreated and regarded with disdain, neither would right thinking people fail to challenge the right of the dispossessed, to possess the best -- unless society had been turned so upside-down and inside-out that it could no longer make any rational judgments anymore. Pedestrians were immediately apprehended and severely punished, while drug dealing and prostitution were regarded with a shrug of the shoulders that there was nothing they could do -- and besides, what was the difference?

But the difference between 80% and less than half is huge -- leaving no margin for error. It is unmistakable. Just because the governor of Alaska can claim to have an 80% approval rating, doesn’t mean anybody who wants one, can also just claim it. 80% is 4 out of 5 (4 to 1). 75% is 3 out of 4 (3 to 1). 66% is 2 out of 3 (2 to 1). 50% is 1 out of 2 (1 to 1).

Nobody in Hawaii believes that the actual best person will receive most of the votes -- because that would require most of the people to have the ability to discern that, which their schooling does not prepare them to do. Most will vote for whoever gives them the most kau-kau. Not to and still to get 20% of the vote is an extraordinary achievement -- obviously meaning only one thing: 1 out of 5, may actually know what’s going on -- and it is those people, who change the world.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What People Like About Sarah Palin

Through all the confusion, hysteria and panic she has evoked on the left, what exactly is it about Sarah Palin that has produced such strong feelings for, as well as against her?

It’s the simple fact that she seems to be a vibrant, healthy, unassuming person -- unlike all the dysfunctional advocates of special interest programs who inevitably glom onto the mass media, as their most convenient medium of outreach to plant their messages. After a while, they even believe their own propaganda pieces as the actual truth -- and grow bolder with each fabrication until they are finally, invariably and inevitably challenged and revealed. Then everything unravels.

Such is the current turmoil that now seems to have been unleashed with just the unveiling of Sarah Palin as a visible public figure -- unlike the dysfunctional personalities that have become so prominent in the media because of those very obsessions. Eventually, not a normal, healthy person was to be seen commonly in the mass media, and those who were, were excoriated, for not being sensitive enough to the “needs” of all the fringe special interests and their promoters, who derive their compensation from the success of their publicity campaigns -- even and especially because they so distort to the realities of most people’s lives and concerns.

So then, to see a vibrantly healthy American woman for the first time ever on mass media, was such a sensation that rocked the establishment off its foundation, and they are still wandering around the halls of mainstream media wondering how they can put the genie back into the bottle -- that it never happened, and they would not have allowed it to happen on their watch, if it hadn’t been for the volatile nature of politics and John McCain, the maverick.

He had pulled under one of his legendary “fast ones,” a shocking practical joke on a somnolent and moribund press for which they were not ready for and had no defense against. Initially trampled, they are still reeling, and now recognize that denial is no longer an option, and there are people larger than the smallness of life the traditional media gatekeepers have allowed to be brought to the public’s consciousness.

People down deep, still long for the healthy, self-actualizing human being, over every special interest group’s personality of the day.

She’s not the poster child for the latest mass victimhood and entitlement program -- including those who just want to be rich and famous and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to get it.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Funeral

This past week was supposed to be a dirge for John McCain and the Republican Party.

The week began with the uncertainty they’d even be able to have a convention -- as The Prefect Storm seemed to be looming once again off the Gulf Coast -- as a reminder of a previous once in a century storm the government agencies had no precedent and experience handling. With that, McCain all but gave up on the convention, just as he had to give in one year ago, when it looked like his prospects for winning the presidential nomination was bleak at best.

This was not the first time John McCain faced a sure and certain death in his life -- and recovered and resurrected himself to an even greater force. Basically, that’s the story of his life; that’s what he knows -- that when things look darkest, there will be a way -- to overcome, and win.

At every turn, those who would like to see the last of him, think they have left him close enough to dead, that he will not possibly recover. So it is not surprising, that Boss Obama, is not the last wondering, how do I finish this guy off? How do I bury him once and for all?

So his confederates joked and laughed when McCain chose a woman as his vice-presidential partner, and it looked like the convention of his celebration, would turn into a monumental disaster, the opposing party and media enablers, were actually cheering and hoping for -- such as their resentment, bitterness and rancor had grown into an incurable disease. And the scribes (media) were all smug in their satisfaction that we had finally seen and heard the last from John McCain, and they could promote their own messiah as the true god they would enshrine in the pomp and circumstances that they alone recommended and dictated to the rest of society and the world.

But then the worst did not play out -- and the country was not devastated, and the Republicans had to go ahead, presenting their candidates, whom the media (scribes) were already confident, they had so intimidated and cowed that they (she) had disappeared down a rabbit hole maybe afraid to come out before their disapproving glares.

So they looked down the hole once more to make sure that she would still muster the courage and strength to prostrate herself before them -- the high priests of culture and opinion, with the proper deference they were accustomed to -- as being hopelessly out of her league, only to see the “Terminator” emerge, blasting their heads off to thy kingdom come.

“Welcome to my world.”

Thursday, September 04, 2008

If You Only Vote Once In A Lifetime...

That vote should go to McCain-Palin, as the best choices one will ever make.

As those who were privileged to tune into the Republican National Convention last night, witnessed the greatest (political) speech ever delivered, and virtually assured that the US would have its first woman president in the foreseeable future -- not just because she is a woman, but because she is the most gifted person in that field -- of which the most astute could recognize, with many others seeing a true "breakthrough" for maybe the first time in their lives.

I think we are far beyond that age is which those we elect, we elect because they can be expected to do what we tell them -- or else, they won't be elected nor hired down at the union hall, and then they will have to sell the wife and children to put food on the table, because they have no discernible talents and abilities, except to go into "media." Instead, what voters should be looking for in the leaders they vote for, are those whose leadership capabilities far exceed their own to appreciate and assess at times -- because they can see the future and its consequences better than we can, and have earned that trust over a lifetime in every manner possible, and that's why we elect them to those positions -- and not because they are the most corruptible and beholden to the media and party machine that put them there.

That's what one recognized about the extraordinary parade of talent brought out at the Republican convention -- each qualified to be president in their own right -- while pointing out rightly, that the opposition, had in their mysterious fashion, offered to the American public again, the most underqualified and undermanned team that their machinations and ingratiations have ever produced -- because that's what was required for them to locate someone amongst them with as yet an unblemished record -- someone who had no record at all -- but was just the total fabrication of the status quo media to maintain their insistence that they could still get the American public to believe anything they wanted them to believe.

But what we saw with our own eyes and ears last night cannot be denied -- that we have seen the future of leadership in this country, and can trust in our own abilities to appreciate that fact -- despite all the protestations of the media hogs, that we should not believe our own lying eyes and ears, and that they will continue to do our thinking for us, for as long as they live.